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Leisure Insurance Group is an independent insurance brokerage headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Our approach to insurance is genuine and thorough, not quick and transactional. The goal is to educate the customer through a relational approach. We understand that insurance isn’t a “one size fits all” situation. We take the time to understand the actual needs of the customer. The owner and principal of Leisure Insurance Group, Brett Mehl comes from the captive insurance industry. As Brett built out his agency from scratch, he acquired a reputation for educating customers through the nuances and definitions of insurance and offering a quality of service that was personal and effective. He grew his agency steady and with customers who understood what they were paying for. Upon the second year of renewals from his clients, he became frustrated with the increasing rates and his inability to help his clients secure a better price for the same coverage. Because he was a captive insurance agent, he could only offer minor relief to the rising costs of insurance. He began to build relationships with independent insurance agencies. It soon became a regular occurrence that after exhausting all his ability to help his clients lower their rate, he would send them down to his insurance broker friends. Knowing he did the right thing, he still felt odd about losing customers at no fault of their own or his own.

Brett Mehl started Leisure Insurance Group for the sole purpose to remain a consistent and necessary advisor in his clients life.

As an insurance broker he can more efficiently deliver what every customer needs when it comes to insurance: consistency. As an independent insurance broker or “non captive” agent, Brett and his team, through Leisure Insurance Group can offer consistency in value, consistency in price and consistency in service.

Brett and his team understand the issues and annoyances that people have when it comes to insurance. People don’t really like to talk about insurance and for the most part, it’s kind of annoying. Here’s what we mean… you know that you need insurance and you know that you see a monthly charge, insurance is an out of sight and out of mind transaction.. In general, it’s the last thing people want to think about or talk about until you need to use the insurance and then, let’s hope it actually covers what you need.

You might consider purchasing a policy or getting a quote from us because of our ability as an an independent insurance broker or non captive insurance agent because of these differences:

An insurance broker or “non captive” insurance agent, is a professional who acts as an intermediary between insurance buyers and insurance companies. We help clients find the best insurance policies to fit their needs by comparing coverage and prices from multiple insurance companies. As an independent insurance brokerage or “non captive” insurance company, we do not work for any specific insurance company, but rather work independently to find the best policy for their clients.

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A captive insurance agent is an insurance agent who represents and works exclusively for a single insurance company, known as a “captive” company.

They are not independent brokers and are only able to offer insurance products from the captive company they work for. They may also be referred to as “exclusive” or “direct” agents. This type of agent may be more limited in the products and services they can offer compared to an independent broker.

Knowing the reality of the day, you are bombarded with insurance agents and companies. Here is the truth. You have two options in securing insurance. You can use an insurance broker or “non captive” insurance agent, or, you can use a captive insurance agent but at the end of the day, your insurance is only as good as your agent’s ability to connect with you and to advocate on behalf of you.

With the ability to use several top rated insurance carriers we can always guarantee that you receive the best value.

We understand insurance and here are some reasons people choose use as their insurance broker:

  • Reputation: People tend to choose an agent with a good reputation and track record in the industry.
  • Experience: People prefer to work with agents who have experience and expertise in the specific type of insurance they are looking for.
  • Availability: People want an agent who is responsive and available to answer questions and provide guidance throughout the process.
  • Personal Connection: People may choose an agent based on personal connections, such as a recommendation from a friend or family member.
  • Price: People may also consider the cost of the insurance policy and the agent’s commission when choosing an agent.
  • Service: People may look for an agent who can provide good customer service, including follow-up and assistance with claims.
  • Product range: People may look for an agent who can offer them a wider range of insurance products and not just limited to a particular company.
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